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Remove odour causing bacteria from your tongues surface in seconds

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Without daily cleaning, your tongue is a breeding ground of odorous bacteria and harmful toxins 🦠

Our powerful tongue scraper blends traditional wisdom with beautiful aesthetics and superior functionality, removing up to 95% of all harmful bacteria from your tongue’s surface in seconds.

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Under The Microscope

A deep dive into the white coating on your tongue

If you took a deeper dive into the white coating on your tongue, would you be more likely to clean it properly? Click through to read why it's best to do so.
Our Mission

Dental Accessibility and Awareness

With 3.5 billion people affected by oral diseases worldwide, we recognise the urgent need for action. Our projects develop sustainable strategies that promote good oral hygiene habits and provide access to oral health care services in the most vulnerable communities in the world.

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Tongue scraping is scientifically proven to remove 30% more harmful bacteria from your tongue than brushing.

Walk confidently into your day's social interactions by ensuring your breath is always at its best

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